EU food safety regulation on cadmium in cocoa powder and chocolate (Commission Regulation (EU) No 488/2014 of 12 May 2014 amending Regulation (EC) No 1881/2006) has become effective in January 2019. The EU regulation impacts on the cocoa value chains of the countries with worrying economic and social repercussions for low-income producers, especially in (post-)conflict zones.

Clima-LoCa therefore adopts an adaptive research approach, seeking improved alignment of needs and incentives among actors along the cacao value chain through a focus on stakeholder engagement, while fostering smallholders’ fair participation in value chains.

For this reason, the socioeconomin component focuses on:

Act 1.3

Assessment of socio-economic baselines (cocoa production systems and marketing strategies) and impacts of new food safety regulation on national markets and small producers

Act 2.3

Perform cost-benefit analysis and feasibility assessments of mitigation practices and interventions

Act 3.3

Analyse and co-develop mitigation and scaling strategies in multi-stakeholder platforms


Check out the impact and supply chain documents

Check out the impact and supply chain documents

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