Clima-LoCa Boosts Small-Scale Agriculture in Putumayo: The Transformation of Don Cupertino’s Farm, A Story to Be Told

 (Sept 25, 2023)

Cupertino Enriquez Bravo is one of the farmers who highlighted the support provided by the project: “I think that the good results on my farm have been due to the fact that I am always willing to let myself be helped, what the engineers recommend to me, that is what I do”.

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From the great green war to cocoa peace

 (Jun 06, 2023)

Some years ago I heard for the first time and without much detail about the conflicts for the control of the emerald mines that took place during several decades in western Boyacá; the so-called “green wars” that add one more chapter to the long list of tragic events in our country.

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“We are dedicated to exporting cocoa derivatives almost 90%” (Dec 13, 2022)

We talked to Julio Zambrano who is in charge of Chocolates Finos Nacionales, a company born from the dream and vision of his father, Carlos Zambrano, nearly 60 years ago when he was still a young 18-year-old entrepreneur who decided to bet on the Ecuadorian gold nugget. 

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Knowledge sharing and co-creation, a key factor for achieving the expected results of the Clima-LoCa project”: Mirjam Pulleman

(Nov 02,2021)

In our first edition of “Clima-LoCa in Action”, we spoke with Mirjam Pulleman, a scientist from the Alliance of Bioversity-CIAT, and one of the project leaders. She told us about the characteristics of this regional research, that has a major role for small cocoa farmers and their farms.

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Clima LoCa Project- Expectations

Actors and partners of the project in Colombia Ecuador and Peru talk about the expectations they have and the results and impacts they expect from the project.