From May 8-12, researchers and agronomists from the Clima-LoCa project and the Alliance gathered at our campus in Palmira, Colombia, to participate in a workshop that allowed them to learn the fundamental concepts related to soil health and its assessment.

This workshop, which included lectures, demonstrations and practical activities both in the laboratory and in the field, was led by the Soil Biology Group of Wageningen University and the Alliance and provided participants with valuable hands-on experience in the measurement and interpretation of chemical, physical and biological indicators of soil health, especially focused on cocoa production systems.

During the day led by soil health experts, attendees had the opportunity to learn first-hand how to measure and understand indicators related to the chemical composition, physical structure and biological life of the soil, key elements for cocoa growing and other production systems.

In addition, an exchange of experiences among participants, instructors and other attendees was encouraged, providing an opportunity to discuss and disseminate practices to improve soil health and its assessment.


Elizabeth Ramirez, Communications Assistant for Latin America and the Caribbean, Bioversity Alliance and CIAT 


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