The Annual Planning Workshop 2021-2022 of the Clima-LoCa project was held from October 19-22. This year the event was virtual because of the mobility limitations due to the pandemic. The workshop was attended by approximately 30 researchers and students involved in the project. This internal workshop was mainly of a technical nature. Progress and forthcoming results obtained for the different components of the project were shared. There were spaces for discussion and collaboration among the researchers and for planning of the project activities for 2022. Coordination issues and management aspects such as the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Strategy were also discussed. In addition, the attendees had the opportunity to attend a session of tricks & tips of photography specific for cocoa, so that the researchers can improve the shots they take during their visits.

The results of the workshop show that the project is making progress and that the partners are strongly committed to their activities. In the near future, the first results will be shared with different actors.