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Fostering low cadmium and climate-relevant innovations to enhance the resilience and inclusiveness of the growing cocoa sectors in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

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DSM Workshop

Clima-LoCa | Colombia

The week of May 27 to 31, the campus of La Alliance of Bioversity & CIAT of the Americas Hub in Palmira (Colombia) opened its doors to a group of 19 professionals from public, private organizations and universities in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. The objective? Generate a training space in Digital Soil Mapping (DSM). During the five days there was a workshop where the attendees were given new tools and essential knowledge for the development and use of Digital Soil Mapping.

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Advances in the project

Clima-LoCa update: How are we doing? and, Where are we going?

Clima-LoCa | Colombia

After living the Fourth Annual Workshop of the Clima-LoCa Project, 2024, the advisors of the External Committee shared their assessments regarding the progress of Clima-LoCa and the challenges that the project still facing. Through a short video, the members talk about topics such as cadmium, food safety regulations and how they see the panorama in the dissemination of results.  Watch Video

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Clima-LoCa advances, 2024

Clima-LoCa | Colombia

Within the framework of the project, last March 8 of 2024 in Orito, Putumayo, we held the workshop on progress in the treatment of cadmium (Cd) with our farmers and protagonists of the cocoa chain in the territory. We explored research advances together and engaged in open dialogue, allowing voices to come together to enrich the space. It was a great opportunity to connect ideas and experiences! In addition, continuing with the commemoration of women’s month, we celebrated the event recognizing the invaluable work of women in the cocoa chain in Putumayo. A day dedicated to remembering achievements, highlighting their vital role and continuing the struggle for a wider space for them in agriculture.

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Mapping of cadmium risks and climate impacts, and evaluation of practices in trials and pilots.


Analysis of supply chains and impacts of the new food safety regulation on local markets and small-scale producers.


Evaluation of commercial clones, propagation of practices and research of molecular markers.


Dissemination of impact assessments and recommendations focused on influencing public policies and the adoption of productive practices. 


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